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If you are not a member of the site, you will need to become one in order to be a part of our Online Electronics Course. To become a member or to Sign in, click the menu at the top right. 

Space is Limited.

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 BASS Elite Series Angler and Bassmaster Classic Qualifier Darold Gleason has been successfully conducting Electronics Classes both on the water and in a classroom setting for years. After numerous requests, Gleason began  ONLINE, VIRTUAL COURSES in 2020.
Hundreds of anglers used their cell phones or computers to be apart of his instructional classes that covered skills, techniques, and settings to effectively use their electronics to locate and catch more fish.



  • 12 Courses (1 each month) on the Member's Only Platform

  • 12 BONUS Live Q&A Sessions in the Private FB Group

  • BONUS: All new members will get 3 BONUS 101 Courses on Settings, basics of Down Scan and Side Scan. 



"Your classes have absolutely been a great tool for my arsenal and have helped me more than I could have expected. Thanks for taking time to do these classes like this."

"This year's classes were great and beneficial. It helped me to dig deeper on the things I and a majority of anglers often overlook."

"The courses are spot on. It's obvious you were a teacher prior to fishing because of the way you break down all of this so simply. I've learned so much that I'm using on the water"

"No one is better than The Professor. Love the classes and look forward to them every month"

"We were spinning out and only had a couple hours left in our tournament. I stopped and thought about what you taught us in the ditches and drains class and it saved our day with 3 key fish."

"I was able to take my grandkids out and get on fish for them. That didn't happen before this course, lol."

"I feel like I can now run my side scan and down scan and understand what they are trying to tell me."

"Last month's class on boat positioning was awesome. Big difference"

"Monthly classes are great but really like the FB lives every month where you share all the behind the scenes and answering our questions.